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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mom, I just got cut

That tearful message was on my voicemail at work today.
And again, when J called me back, telling me that she got the bad news that she was not only NOT on the varsity team for v-ball, she wasn't on JV either. That was a total shock, since the coach, just yesterday, lectured her on being a leader for the jv team.

I was speechless. I certainly didn't expect that she wouldn't get on any team. And the fact that the coaches said they would only respond to the kids via e-mail or phone 24 hours from now was a bit heartless I thought. I know, I know, they want to wait for the emotions to ebb. But really, many of these girls turned out for games this summer that they didn't have to turn out for, and showed up for conditioning in 100 degree heat.

At least those girls, and my daughter was one, deserve a face-to-face explanation on why they didn't get picked. Cowards.

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