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Monday, August 9, 2010

You've got to be kidding me

Jennifer and I didn't dare look at each other Sunday, as we skipped church (yes, we really did, so this is a confession) and tried out a 9:30 am yoga class at LA Fitness.

We were late, as usual, since hubby insisted on feeding us a pancake breakfast, which for the record is not the best thing to eat before yoga.

But off we went, arriving about 10 min. late, but they were still doing "down dog" warm ups, so we figured "no sweat." About 15 min. later we were sweating alot, as the instructor put us through a series of up dogs, down dogs and a few poses inbetween that I have no idea what they are called.

On a few of the poses, Jennifer and I just gave up and laughed. No way, unless we were in the Olympic training camp for gymnastics were we going to strike that pose.

We didn't dare look at each other or we'd burst out laughing. And the lady just to my right was VERY serious about this whole affair. I doubt she would have appreciated it.

At the end tho, when the instructor asked if the session pushed us enough, I couldn't hold it in (my stomach or my laughter). I laughed and said "ma'm, there is NO WAY I'm ever going to to get to any of those poses before I die. But I'm glad to know they exist."

There's another yoga class tonight. But Jennifer and I aren't attending. We'll try again Wednesday.

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