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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stand by that garbage can over there. And don't move.


We'd just climbed over the fence on the south end of the Renaissance Faire in Buckley, and lo, the gendarmes descended. En masse. We explained to the outraged "security detail" that we were looking for the front door into the faire, were willing to pay, but heck, we didn't want to  hike up the busy road to the front entrance (which we surmised was NOT were we were). So could you please escort us through and we'll gladly pay.

The guy who stopped us decided this was above his paygrade, told us to stand and stay by the garbage can in front of a juggler's stage, and not to move. (Where, exactly, did he think we would flee? Into the pumpkin patch?)

Finally, his boss showed up, and graciously escorted us through the grounds and to the front, where a $12 ticket and a $8 ticket awaited us (Jennifer had to sing "I"m a little tea cup" to get the student discount since she didn't have her ASB card with her.) She gave me the "do I have to?" look and I shot back, yes you have to. After all that rigmarole, I"m not leaving now.)

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