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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Eggs, They are Still Fun

Apparently. As we're walking through Top Foods today, J. turns and asks when we're going to buy the Easter egg stuff.

Really? I thought, frankly, she'd outgrown that, but apparently not. She went on to gush on how fun it was to color the eggs and draw on them with the clear crayons. Okay, well, if she still wants to do the eggs, which no one ever eats, we'll do the eggs.

I had to laugh, since soon after she turned 10 or 11, I went on an all out mission to nuke Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Sandman. She still believed in them all, and I was tired of it. I wanted to get some sleep on Christmas Eve (Gary usually went to bed early), and same went for the Saturday before E-day. My jewelry box was beginning to look a bit gruesome with all those teeth stacking up.

So, I started to make sure she found the Christmas presents and the jelly bean sacks underneath the sink. Finally, she gave it up about 11-12 and told me, okay mom, you can stop.


MommyCheryl said...

LOL. I'm surprised every year the stuff we get away with and still they believe. But then as I recall, I kept up the pretense of believing long after I actually did because A. I desperately wanted to believe and B. I was certain I'd get more stuff if my parents thought I believed. (Steph still has all her babyteeth -- a collection I find quite disturbing.)

Anyway, egg coloring is fun no matter how old. We do it even with an egg-allergic boy -- which means our eggs aren't eaten, either.


P.S. Yes, Virginia, there will be a disco ball. And not just in our hearts, but on the ceiling. Shake shake shake; Shake shake shake; Shake your booty.

Barbara Clements said...

On the way into school this am, I told her about this post, and she laughed, adding "Well, I had a caught ona few year before, but I still wanted the candy and presents."

Makes sense. I did the same thing.