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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Frustration on the Court

Arrived at J. b-ball game yesterday, and I'm wondering if I'm a jinx.

The scores were fairly close, and then the girls seemed to lose steam, and ended up losing by 15 points. Happened last time I picked her up at a game as well. When Gary picks her up, the team wins. I'm about ready to assign this duty to him.

However, not only was J. discouraged about losing, but the fact she got to play very little, and that the coach threw a gatoraide at the bleachers during the game. He said later he wasn't angry at the team, but come on, middle school girls can't process that. Most grown women I know can't process that. They think you missed and hit the bleachers instead.

So what to do. I know the principal was at some of the game watching, but I don't know if he saw this outburst.

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