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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Easter Beagle, Instead J. Wants to Talk Politics

This morning J. and settled down to check out our usual list of tivo'd stuff. And instead of looking through last night's "Dances with Stars," she paused on analysis of Obama's now-famous speech.

It was interested to see her reaction to this story. She really isn't buying the "I don't like some of his beliefs, but still go to his church" line. Also for the first time, I noticed that Obama called Rev. Wright "his former pastor."

Some of this you can blame on me. I just left a church I had attended for 20 years when some of the leaders literally ran the pastor out on a rail because they didn't feel he was spending enough time at the church (fyi, his wife has lupus). I learned later they'd pulled a similar stunt when on a minister that I didn't particularly like, but no one should be treated like that.

So, with some tears, I left. It does matter what the leaders of the church do, what they say and what they don't say. It matters. And your reaction to it matters as well. So I 'm not buying it either. BTW, here is some good news for Hilary supporters.

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