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Monday, October 27, 2008

Easter Parade at the Auburn Supermall

The dance and the dress went off without a hitch this weekend at homecoming. And I learned some new traditions and ways of doing things.

First: You're not going to the dance, until you go to the dance. I came over to a friend's house to pick Jennifer up and found out that her friend, maybe nervous about the dance, had wanted to go to Fright Fest instead. Mom had talked friend into going, but another girl had dropped out. However, by the time we left the house, six girls and a hapless guy were going together. On the way to the restaurant, six more girls decided to join the pack.

Getting ready takes all day: Jennifer started hunting for a strapless bra at about 11 a.m. Serena came over at 3:30 pm to start getting ready, nails to be done, etc.

You're not allowed in the restaurant: I jumped out to make sure we were at the right Olive Garden, but Jennifer turned on me and told to stay, she'd check herself.

Okay, it's 7 pm, now what: That's what time the olive garden dinner wrapped, and the dance didn't start until 9 p.m. We thought about taking them to the house, but no, they wanted to go with the rest of the pack to the Supermall. We thought it might look out of place to stroll around the mall, but they had company. Many couples, including the homecoming queen, were with their dates and went round and round the mall.

On to the dance: I knew better than to get out of the car here.

Pick up at the dance: AFter watching all the movies for the week we'd tivo'd, back to the Auburn gym at about 12:30 am. All the girls came out carrying their shoes, sometimes with the date, more often than not, it seems like they'd parted the door.

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