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Monday, October 13, 2008

Once a jerk, always a jerk

Just attended by 30 year class reunion, and stop, I'll do the math for you, that makes me 48, as of this Friday.

I had wanted my hubby and daughter to come, but both looked at me like I'd just suggested driving bamboo shoots underneath their nails. So they didn't come. And I almost turned tail when I walked into a lounge at the Tulalip Casino in near Marysville. I didn't see a single person I recognized, but soon found out, after 30 years, no one looked the same. We all had grey hairs, unless you're coloring it, like I am. No one had perfect bodies anymore, if they ever did.

But it was great talking to see where people ended up, teaching, writing novels, nursing, environmental cleanup, boating industry etc. And then an old boyfriend walked up. As he's talking to me, he's also checking out the rest of the room (to see if there is anymore More Important to talk to), and then someone comes up (had to check the name tag again, to see who I was talking to) and kids us about our short-term relationship.

"Oh, you're talking to another one of your old girlfriends," she laughs, looking his way.

"yeah, all of two seconds," I quipped.

"Oh common barb, I know I broke your heart," he said.

I wish I could say a quick comeback was ready, but I've never been good at that. Although I did ponder saying something about him being on his third wife, but no, not going there. I didn't schlep all the way up to Everett to be mean or "win." So I let it go, and untangled myself from the conversation as quickly as possible.

Yes, it did hurt 30 years ago to get dumped (actually I was still smarting from another boyfriend dumping me prior to this guy giving me the heave ho, but all in all, I did as much dumping and being dumped on over my dating years, which finally ended, thank god, when I met Gary). And old boyfriend dude had just been dumped by the Great Love of His Life, so we were both rebounding away, as only 18 year olds can do.

As I was pondering why he would say such a thing, it occurred to me that perhaps my 2 seconds quip stung a bit. Good gawd, after 30 years? Men and their egos.

All in all tho, it was good seeing people again. Truth be told, it was even fun talking to this guy, and saying a prayer of thanks of who I did end up with. The class of 1978 turned out okay. I just try not to think of Jennifer's 30th, which will be in 2041. I'll be almost 80 then. I doubt I'll still be going to class reunions, but who knows?

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