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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That's the way girls are

After reading through the first part of the vampire-love book series "Twilight," Jennifer came into my bedroom this am to declare it good.

She simply couldn't put it down. And can't wait for the movie next month, now that Harry Potter's been bumped until next July.

Now, granted, she has to read this book for her book project. And she tried one book, got bored, so I suggested this one. I'd started the four-book series in the middle and had to backtrack. And it's a good read all in all. Not that it's harry potter, or great American Lit, but I'm a softy for vampire books.

But J. had overhead a women friend and I talk about the books, and how Bella is so IN LOVE and obsessed with Edward, she stages her entire life around him. We (both 40-somethings) discussed how that seemed a bit anti-woman.

"But that's just the way we fall in love," Jennifer said.

I shot her a suspicious look.

"No, I'm not, if you don't count the crush I have on Riley," she said.

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