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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sluts, part two

I drove up to Auburn High School yesterday, and Jennifer picked up, finally, only to say, hey could you come a bit closer to pick me up.

She hopped in the car and quickly shut the door. Needed to get away from the cheerleaders, she explained.


Apparently one of her ex-good friends, Elliott, had let it "slip" to someone that Jennifer had called one of the cheerleaders a slut. So now, the pack of them where mad at her, even tho she apologized face-to-face. And now the cheer squad and the v-squad (volley ball) are at war over the fight between the two girls. Jennifer just didn't see why the girl, once apologized to, wouldn't just drop the matter. Well, that's alot to ask of any 15-year-old, I diplomatically tried to point out.

"Did you have drama like this when you were in high school?" she asked.

Well, yes. But I don't recall going around calling someone a slut. Bitch maybe, but not a slut. And why exactly does this girl deserve this title? Does she sleep around?

"No, but she gets fingered three times a week."

We were going through the produce aisle at Top Foods at this point in the story, and I'm sure everyone froze for a bit to try to hear the rest of this story.

When Jennifer saw my shocked look, she quickly said "I"m not going to explain that."

You don't have to.

So we had a little talk about calling people sluts. And if you insist on talking about folks, at least tell it to friends who will keep it in your circle of five.

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