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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We should pay teachers more, period.

I read this NYT's piece, and was applauding it all the way along.

I think it would help with the instability and discouragement I see in the ranks here, both at Auburn Senior High and J's former middle school, Cascade.

If you want good people to walk away from jobs that pay 50K, 70K or in the six figures, and go and "do good" in troubled schools, not only to do you have to give them support, but I think you need to give them a better salary range than $36 K, or maybe 42K if you have your masters. And this goes not only for career changers, which I considered doing for awhile, but those who have chosen teaching as their first profession.

I see heroes every day - and no they don't have superpowers like the TV series, which I love - who take kids from dysfunctional homes (and that's being nice) and try to get them to care about math, reading and science. I think raising the salaries, which intrinsically means giving this job a higher value in our society, is a place to start.

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