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Monday, July 27, 2009

The art and panacea of shopping

It did seem to do the trick.

After going to Nordstroms and oohing and aaahing at things we couldn't afford (I set the budget at under $35), she found a nice skirt (bit short, her dad pointed out) and a bangle. Suddenly the world seemed a kinder place.

Then it was over to her best friend's house to start drawing up "I hate Leif" posters that she said (jokingly I think) she and Ashely planned to plaster all over town.

The one smudge on a good 'I'm going to make myself feel better" day was when she told me they texted the ex, and asked him in detail why he broke it off.

NO, NO NO I stated when she told me this as we walked through the frozen food aisle at Tops.

"Look, no matter what answer he gives, unless it's "I've changed my mind," is going to make you feel better, so stop it. Stop texting him now!"

She sulked.

Then I reminded her of a couple of scenes in "he's just not that into you."

I think I made my point.

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