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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dumped again

As soon as I picked up Jennifer from her b-friend's home, they'd just gone to a movie, and I saw the tears in her eyes and blotchy face-it came to me. The summer romance had ended with Leif.

We cheered her up some by taking her out for ice cream (I know old fashioned, but it works), but alas, she was busy holed up in her room, texting and crying her eyes out to friends for the rest of the night. I poked in once, brought her dinner and then ordered her to EAT, waving her fav chinese dish under her nose. I don't think she ate a bite. Another time, I came in, and she was talking to her ex.

At this point, I ordered her OFF the phone, and dragged her into the tv room for a talk (her dad had already gone to bed, realizing he couldn't fix this) and let her wail. This was the 2nd of 2 b-friends to dump her in the last year, and WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER!!!

Nothing, I said. Welcome to dating 15 and 16 year olds of the male species. Apparently the ex told her she was too emotional and heavy lifting for a g-friend (which is prob. a bit true, but then was not the time to bring that up) and again WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER, or WWWWH for short.

Nothing, I purrred into her hair as she sobbed on my lap. The cats all left the room, as they do when any drama occurs.

And I began to recount (in fact surprised, once I added them up) how many b-friends had dumped me during high school and college. All except 2 or 3 I think. And it's painful. And you feel like shit for a bit. Then you shake it off and move on. Unf. the only thing you can do in the feel-like-shit stage, is just that. Feel bad, talk with your loyal pals to cheer you up, conclude the guy is scum, eat a bit of chocolate ,and go shopping, which we intend to do today. Maybe watch lots of 30 Rock reruns.

I'll let you know if this works. We didn't have 30 Rock when the boys were busy dumping me. But we didn't have text dumping either, which I supposed it a good thing.

I hear that Nordies has a new line of "Twilight" clothes out. The movie sucked, but maybe just walking through the shoe dept. will cheer her up. Always works for me.

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