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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Away from me

I'm going up to spend a "girls night out" with my cousin in Everett, but I can tell that Jennifer (nor my hubby) aren't exactly happy about it. Now true, this leaves dad open to Jennifer working her "I'm you're only child, daughter" magic on him and getting $$, where I would say no.

However, when I'm gone, there is a hole, and I don't like creating it. But every once and awhile, I need to I guess to recharge. And I guess I like it too. I wouldn't want the opposite of "oh, you were gone" or after talking with a childhood friend recently - actually my oldest friend - Dawn and listening to her recount how her 15 year old is now running away (sort of). Like spending many nights on a friend's couch after fighting with dawn.

True, sometimes Jennifer declares me the worst mom ever..but she knows she'd never get away with the I'm leaving routine. Gary and I would hogtie her before that would happen.

So in one way, it's nice to be missed.

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