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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things that go boom

Out to make are regular pilgrimage to all things that sparkle and go boom.

My hubby doesn't approve, but he's out there with a bucket, and lighting the fuses each July 4, as Jennifer and I haul home our loot from the res. This time it's $63 work, and I put this in the staycation budget, so I basically told Gary to suck it up.

When he found out we were at the res, not at the safe and sane fireworks stands, he began to try and convince me not to buy anything there.


Because the cops are telling us they are going to crack down.

OK, well, I don't see any cops stopping people at the gate or the city limits to Auburn. And besides, we're packing this stuff to Kent, where things can still go up in the sky.

Well, I'm just saying.

OK, we're just going to look anyway. (I can hear an eye roll on the other end).

And of course we end up buying stuff. We kept running into kids going to her high school, so what were we supposed to do. I felt proud we kept it under $75.

And we'll just have to make sure we keep out of witch lady's yard.

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