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Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday plans

They keep a changing for her 16th.

First it was going to be a full blown party, then a party with 2-3 friends, and now one friend, with a day trip planned to seattle. No play, no makeup party, just a trip up to shop, eat and while the day away.

Oh, and can I have a car?

You've been watching reality TV too much (those sweet 16 parties that the very rich throw is one of her faves) and no, you're not getting a new jag rolling up to the front door of our 1968 rambler.

But grandma has donated $500 toward the cause. We have about $2000 saved up from Gary's retirement check and an uncle may donate some more. So maybe late this fall she'll get her car. A used car with prob. a lot of miles on it. No jag. Unless we win the megamillions this friday, and still then, prob. no jag (too much maintenance)

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