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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will this work if the pull date was 1998?

That was the question that I was asking myself as Jennifer and I peered into the medicine closet at 3:30 am this morning.

She'd woken me up, complaining of a bug bite that just was itching so much, she couldn't sleep. She if she can't sleep, why should mom?

Benadryl? Well, that had a pull date of 2007. The calamine lotion. Dated 1998. Antibiotics from 5 years ago when I had the flu, and from 3 years ago when Jennifer had the flu.

I tried to remember the dear abby remedy of baking soda (or is it powder) and vinegar. But when you put those two together, it foams up. Meanwhile in the background, Jennifer is still itching, and now Gary's up, insisting there is some current benedryl in the cabinet. (no, there wasn't).

Finally, I tell her to try the lotion, and didn't say it was 10 years out of date. It worked, or at least got her back to sleep.

This weekend tho, that medicine cabinet gets restocked and the old stuff thrown out.

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