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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes, I have to meet him

Jennifer is so over Leif. And now it's apparently on to Anthony.

He's a sophomore, looks Greek or Italian and from Auburn Mountainview hs (I didn't know inter-school dating was allowed)

And they are on date #2 tonight, watching "the proposal" So we met down at the Kent AMC, with strict instructions that she now go anywhere in his car, and they stay at Kent Station. AND I had to meet him first.

Insert appalled look from daughter here. But that was the deal. Any creepy vibes, she was going home with me.

"You can't tell me your parents did this with you!" she whined.

"Well, actually they didn't."


"They made the young man come to the house first, meet them both and come in chat with them a bit....every single guy who wanted to take me out, so consider yourself lucky."

"Any chance you could just drop me off and wave as he walks up."

The silence was her answer.

As it was Anthony had a firm handshake and looked me in the eye, so he passed that test at least.

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