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Friday, August 14, 2009

Now what?

To my surprise, Gary actually let Anthony drive Jennifer home last from his house (on the back roads, 5 min away as it turns out).

He wanted to meet Gary. Gary, tired, asked if this momentous event could wait to the weekend. Apparently, not.

So we quickly cleaned up the house, just in time for the two lovebirds to appear on our porch and walk in the door.

I introduced Anthony and Gary. Then we just sort of looked at each other. Usually, when there is another parental unit in the room, we can strike up a conversation and ignore the kids. But I was getting the feeling, to his credit, that A. wanted to make a good impression and a connection with G.

We didn't have any iced tea or pop ready, and no dessert (again, this was last minute).

So after a bit, he smiled and he and J. went out to chat on the porch.

"Was he expecting us to invite him in and have something to eat?" I asked later.

I'm afraid by the look Jennifer gave me, apparently so.

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