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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad choices

We've declared an Adam free zone in the house.

It's the only way for Jennifer not to end up in tears of late. She's broken up with him,but still obv. cares about him. As we all do.

He was arrested a runaway last night, but is out of jail (or juvi) now. But we, and I'm not sure, he, has any idea where he is going to end up.

He probably should have gone back to Celeste's house in Kent,but I can see from talking to Celeste today , and via my daughter (through what she knows of Adam's side) that probably wasn't going to work out. She wants him to follow the rules (a reasonable demand) while I'm not sure she really got Adam's sense of humor, or attempts to connect.

So, as to where he ends up now, who knows. I know that GAry did chew on him on Friday, saying we weren't going to let him draw Jennifer off the straight and narrow, AND for him to get his act together if he wanted to see her at all, ever.

Not that we can really make good on that as long as he's at Auburn Senior High or in the area, but I think it was a wake up call that even our patience is not unlimited.

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