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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight mania

Jennifer isn't much of a fan of Twilight, the movies, but her friends are.

So that explains alot on why she's staying up until midnight tonight and going down to Kent Station, near our home, to watch the new part of the series - Eclipse - when it starts showing at 12:01 tomorrow.

At first I had planned to take her to a showing up at the Pacific Science Center tonight, but no dice, that was for adults only, with cocktails.

Then Kent offered a 3-movie package, with treats, and she was intrigued. Began calling her friends, but couldn't find a ride home. And her dad said "no way" to his daughter driving home at 3 am, alone, after the movie, even tho it was only a 2 minute hop to our home.

So what to do. Gary said no, but I figured out if Jennifer met her friends there, and then went home with them on an overnighter, it might just work. And it did. So one lucky mom (not me) gets to welcome home four tired teens at 4 am tomorrow and let 'em sleep it off and talk about whether they are Team Edward or Team Jacob.

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