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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hold that down dog pose!

Or something like that.

Jennifer and I have decided to start attending an 8 pm yoga class to

a. get in shape
b. avoid late night snacking
c. avoid vegging out in front of the TV all night.

Although the dog gives us a longing look as we walk out the door, as his little doggy brain processes, no walk tonight.

So, off we go, a little nervous, because we're novices and we don't want any hot shots showing us up. We really shouldn't have worried. Although there were some super yoga buffs in there, including a few men, who held that down dog pose as long as there the instructor, since the lights were turned off, no one was really eyeballing the other, as they tried to hold onto the warrior or goddess pose. Or just gave up as I did a few times and did the novice movement she showed us.

Jennifer did pretty well tho, and I'm proud of her. Back at it on Wed., and this time I'll have to take Kodi out for a run beforehand.

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