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Thursday, June 3, 2010

High maintenance b-friend, part 2

OK, J broke up with Adam yesterday (although as of 4.17 pm PST, I don't know the status) and he promptly didn't come home (to his foster home) last night.

So worried foster mom calls me up at work, apologetic, asking if I've seen or heard from Adam.

Unfortunately no.

Though I do know he's been madly texting my daughter, trying to get back together with her. I'm privately hoping she's resisting his pleas. I think she'd better help him as a friend, than girl friend. But trying explaining that to a 16-year-old.

Anyway, I also know that Adam gave J back the cell phone Gary bought him, and the shoes (and no, I don't know if he walked away from the breakup in his sox).

But he did spend a night at a friend's and was hanging around school today (and texting Jennifer from someone's phone) trying to get back together with her.

I'm not surprised, but a bit angry at his not even telling Celeste (worried foster mom) about his whereabouts or where he was today. Jennifer's trying to get him to call her (I slooowly texted her Celeste's phone #, but who knows if he'll call her).

Anyway, off to pick Jennifer up now. And I hope she's still broken up with Adam.

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