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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What should I do about this opossum that's in the middle of the road?

That is what I called Jennifer about (hand free, mind you) yesterday as I went home from work.

I was going up Interstate 5, between Federal Way and Kent to pick her up at Kent Station, when I saw something swaying in the middle of the road. At first I thought it was a piece of paper, or whatnot, but as I came closer, at bumper to bumper 60mph, I realized it was a young opossum in the middle of the freeway - and I say that literally, on the white strip, with two lanes on one side and two lanes on the other.

HOW it got out there without getting hit was beyond me, tho it looked like something had nicked a leg. At any rate, the poor creature was swaying from side to side trying to figure out which way to jump (the smart answer would be neither a or b)

I drove on up the road, debating whether to pull over and back up. But then what? The traffic was thick and fast, so there was no way I was getting to it. And if I circled back and tried to pick it up, while what- driving 60mph with my door open I'd probably cause an accident myself or end up squashing it. Indiana Jones I am not.

So that's when I called Jennifer.

"What did you tell me this for!! Now I feel bad too!" she cried over the phone. But then she assured me that really, no there was nothing I probably could have done.

Later that night, when the family sent me out for ice cream at Dairy Queen, I sneaked over and swiped around again, and didn't even see a smear mark (again, I was asking myself what exactly I intended to do if I found it half dead in the middle of the road- run over it and put it out of its misery? Could I really do that?)

Just as I convinced myself a miracle had happened and the thing had actually escaped, I saw a huddle near the road, quite a bit north from where I remember the critter being, and curled up by the side of the road. So maybe it did make it the side, got hit and went flying? I didn't stop to check to see if this was the opossum I saw, since I probably couldn't figure it out anyway.

I called Jennifer again to tell her why I was late going home with the ice cream.

"You checked on it didn't you?"


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