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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Car bickering again

Even tho I told Jennifer not to fall in love with a car, she did. A 2006 Ford Focus for $9000. Gary says we don't have enough $$ (the car budget has about half that in it now); and is unwilling to take on another car payment.

Can't blame him since we already have 2. But Jennifer of course, doesn't see it that way. So they bickered all morning while I was on my Beach Naturalist duty, and I received a barrage of tearful calls as she called about the "no"  and then about the "no" to going to see it. He then relented to her tears, but if there wasn't going to be any dickering going on, she wasn't interested.

They continued to bicker, and more calls to me. She was grounded and couldn't go over for a sleepover tonight or watch the World Cup. He later relented on both.

They'd reached a sort of detente by the time I got home, but gads.  I was about ready to order them to corners.

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