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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Car shopping

We gobbled down our dinner at The Ram tonight and rushed down to the Honda used car lot before it closed.

Once the salesman found out our price range $4000 to $7000, he handed us off to his manager, which I think means we weren't worth his while. And so it continues. J has been prowling the internet for cars, as has Gary.

Jennifer's been finding cars she likes; and Gary has been nixing 'em, one right after another. Saab-too high maintenance. Prelude-it's a coup and will cost more to insure. Saturn-the one she found was too high mileage. Jennifer is getting annoyed, even if the points are valid.

So I finally pulled Gary aside and advised, to keep the peace in the house, at LEAST look at his daughter's finds. That way she'll at least feel like she has a say (which she does to a point, we're just not picking a car by how "cool" looking it is or its color).

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