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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Car shopping again

Gary and Jennifer are in a battle of wills over the car, but I think both are finally starting to see each other's point of view.

After getting our feet henna'd, (another post), we snuck off to Burien to check out a car she saw on a used car lot. Then we hopped across to a Ford dealership to check out Focuses. About five salesmen were lounging by the front door, which gave us pause.

"That's scary, do you want to skip this place," Jennifer asked.

But a guy named Matthew bounded forward, and started talking, almost nonstop about Focuses and how he just survived a rollover crash after he fell asleep at the wheel with his two kids in the back.


But actually, we didn't think he could make something like that up, and he did show us a nice Focus for $9000 with 41,000 miles and nice perks. So for the first time J could see the difference between a $9,000 car (which we could probably get down to $7,500) and a $4,000 car. So at least we're now all on the same page on that.

As for Matthew, he's looking for us in our price range. I like him. I just wouldn't want to drive with him.

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