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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

College hunt

The colleges keep trying to woo Jennifer. Dozens have sent e-mails, more e-mails "is this you, Jennifer?" e-mails, posters, fliers, postcards and gee gaws.

She's looking for a college that will offer a good biology course and one that is far away from us. I think, personally,the thought of living 3,000 miles away might be more attractive than the reality of 3,000 miles away.

At the rate the stock market is going, she'll either have to pick one college from the tuition exchange, or she'll have to win a scholarship. I just hope it isn't to a college 3,000 miles away. Yes, I admit it, I'd miss her. And her dad, don't even get me started. Our travel and phone bills would break us.

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