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Monday, July 5, 2010

Seriously, she called a fire engine on our fireworks?

That was the first thought that came to mind, when I saw 3 police cars, a fire engine, and 2 aide cars pull up to what I thought, at first was our house. Just hours earlier, Jennifer and I were setting off tamer fireworks for a 17-month old kid across the street.

Wouldn't you know the moment we shot off a parachute thingy, one part falls on the neighbor's roof who hates us. We were waiting for them to come storming out of the house (they had just pulled up as the chutist fell on their roof), but didn't happen.

However, it was just getting dark, and J and I were across the street playing with the 17-month old, and eating a chocolate concoction, when in fact, all the lights show up. As it turns out, it was a medical problem at our across the street neighbor's (never quite figured out what, or why 3 cop cars were there).

But we had to wait for them to leave to start shooting off our unsafe and insane fireworks. The fact there were so many vehicles with red lights didn't deter the neighbors down the street, who shot off sky rockets to their hearts content. We didn't have the nerve.

So we finally shot off the last firework about 11 pm, and then went in to watch the tivo'd Seattle version.

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