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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can I forge your signature?

I'm sure I'm setting a bad precedent with this, but I said fine. This came after a frantic 7:55 am call to my cell phone (just had pulled onto I-5 south to Tacoma) and when I got to work 20 minutes later, she was berating me for not signing off on her class schedule.

What class schedule? I can't sign something I've never seen.

Oh, yeah, she says. I guess I didn't show it to you.

Well, do you have that bus pass I just wrote?


Well, forge the signature from that. I'm not turning back around to Kent to do this.

Fine, but your signature is a bit hard to forge.



Connie said...

Love it! :) When I was a teen I forged my mom's signature so many times that the first time she actually wrote a note and signed it for my High School they called her to find out if it was real. Silly them, they didn't put two-and-two together, luckily for me!

Teens are fun - you'll survive - barely! Giggle.


Barbara Clements said...

I don't think I ever tried to forge my mom's signature, but it seems that 35 years ago, there was less call for parents signing everything.

followthatdog said...

oh man, I have years before that becomes an issue for us, but you certainly did bring back some memories. And for the record, my mom's signature was not that hard to forge, it just took some practice.

Barbara Clements said...

My mom's was hard, because it was so neat. My handwriting has never been neat.