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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr Beige

The minute Jennifer picked out her new colors for her room, I knew we were going to be in an uphill battle with my hubby.

Gary likes beige. Any beige will do - eggshell, light taupe, desert sand - and one look at any wall in our house will confirm that. We have painted the TV light green, to go with the carpet, and there is one rose pink wall in the living room, which I wanted red, but he came home with pink. Rather than push and pull on that, I decided to go with pink.

He did repaint our room a nice southwestern rust-tan color, but then decided it was too intense, so back to beige the entire room went in an afternoon.

Now Jennifer wants to paint her room brick red, dark chocolate brown and beige (I did talk her out of the purple she wanted to throw into the mix) and thanks to the magic of Behr's virtual room thinking at Home Depot, it looks pretty good.

Gary is not convinced however. But we're both standing our ground with him. We've threatened to paint the room in a single afternoon while he's at the last home and garden show in Seattle even if he doesn't approve. I think he realizes this time, he's licked.


followthatdog said...

Remind him that you can always paint over the new paint color. I covered my bedroom walls with posters and tons of picutes cut out of Rolling Stone. It wasn't until I was well out of college that they were able to get all of those staples out of the wall.

Barbara Clements said...

(: That brings back memories. (the posters). I will remind him of that.