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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stream of conciousness, then she pops the question

Jennifer sometimes goes into this stream-of-consciousness chatter on the way home from school that starts out something like this:

"Oh my god, Steph and I were talking and we think this guy looks like
skylar, from heroes, so we're stalking him to see what he does during the day, but
of course he doesn't see us (uh huh), and then Serena, I can tell her anything,
we were googling on how to French kiss, because one of our friends, the guy was
kissing her and he bit her tongue..are they supposed to do that (um, I don't
think so). by the way, when did you lose your virginity?

Screech like a record player here. I stalled, and resisted with the comeback
"how do you define virginity?" which is not a place either of us wanted to go.

So I told her to give me until the end of a rather loud obnoxious song on 106.1 and then took a deep breath.

"I think it was sometime after college, maybe at 23 or 22?" I was hoping she wouldn't pick up on the "I think."

"That sounds about right to me," she chirped. I don't want to get pregnant or an STD in college, I've got things to do and that would ruin my career.

I resisted pointing out that there are way of having sex that will prevent STDs and babies, but I wasn't going to get into that conversation either.

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