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Friday, February 20, 2009

I need a new outfit

Jennifer made this pronouncement tonight, as we headed off to the I-don't-cook-on-Fridays dinner.

So we headed over to a shop at kent station - Topaz - that caters to the 20 something or wish they were set. Women of my age appear in that shop to provide venture capital.

She did find a magenta-tan peasant blouse (wore that in the 70s) that looked good. She just HAD to have it until I asked what she planned to do on her date at the Kent ice skating rink tomorrow. Skate right? In a big poofy coat. I doubt that any of the top will show, even if you go to the snack bar. Aaand, you're paying for this since I KNOW you have the $$.

That brought her up short. The shirt went back on the rack for another day.

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