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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Packing away childhood to the goodwill

At least it felt like that as Jennifer hauled out about a dozen bags of clothes, toys, Beanie Babies (remember those?), shoes, old notebooks, pencils, pens, glue and tut-cluck-amen.

The last item is the sarcophagus that I worked on until midnight one night when she was in the 7th grade, and the teacher was helping them embalm a foster fryer we'd purchased from Top Foods. Don't really know what happened to that, except it sat in our fridge turning more and more, mummified. But then again, there were a few bottles of salad dressing, chinese leftovers and salsa that was in the same state.

I think we tossed the chicken, but we kept the box (I'd put too much effort into that). There was a rock that was painted. I also plucked from the pile a jump rope, a Girl Scout bag and I think my hubby salvaged a pair of shoes, a couple of b-balls and v-balls and the clothes that we could resell to Plato's Closet.

I don't know what he did with the Beanie Babies, but I've taken all the kid's books. Most of this is going to work with me (to stuff into my already cluttered office). The rest will probably end up in a box in the garage.

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