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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two walls to go, so far so good

I came home with trepidation tonight, wondering what mood I'd find my family in. But apparently not to worry, Gary seems resigned to brown and red walls, although I agree with him on one point, the rest of the room should be beige.

I think one of the reasons Jennifer's pushing to get the room done, no matter what the color, is she wanted to hang out with her b-friend and shoot hoops at his house and go ice skating. Yes to the ice skating, no to the hoops without an adult around.

She whined that his mom would be home, since she works the night shift. Okay, let's amend that. A conscious parent has to be home.

I suggested that b-friend could come over here and help her paint. But she said she didn't want him to see the room in a state of disarray and looking like a "little girl's room," and I think unspoken, our house is always a mess, and while she's fine with that, she's not fine with anyone else seeing it.

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