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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parents fight, kids cringe

Even if they pretend they don't care and are listening to their iPod or texting.

This came home as J. told me after her v-day bowling date with her boyfriend, that he was rather gloomy because I guess his parents had been fighting alot. Don't know what about. I asked if either had lost a job of late (always a possibility now) but she said no.

Apparently this happened on v-day, and it ended up with a box of chocolates getting stomped on by mom and then thrown (all at once, or all together, I don't know) at dad. Sort of ruins the spirit of the day.

"You and dad never fight," she added.

Well, actually, we do, I told her. We just have a tendency to go to opposite ends of the house and probably each of us figuring out if we can make bills on our own, we clean, and then sanity returns and we try to talk it out. Somedays. The sun going down on your anger thing has really never worked for us.

I told her it bothered me when my parents fought too, usually over dad's drinking. Okay, amend that, it was always over dad's drinking. But I don't think they ever threw anything at each other. Lobbing words was hard enough.

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