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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can I go to a movie?

3pm: Can I go to the movies with friends? On a school night? I didn't think so, but she didn't have have any homework. And no practice.

3:30 pm: I say yes, she starts texting.So at first the movie was for 5 pm down at the AMC. A date with her b-friend and another couple.

4:00 pm :Then, pretty please could we pick up Ashley, who lives near the casino in South Auburn. Umm, you're asking me this at 4 pm. With traffic, we'd have to leave now, so no, I'm not going to become the taxi service now.

4:01 pm: She pouts and begins texting.

4:10 pm: Can we go to a 7:30 pm movie, so when Ashley's bro gets home, HE can take her to the movies. And get out at 10 pm, no you can't. The movie is the same horror movie they saw on the weekend, so we'll be out by 9 pm

4:11 pm. Fine, but once I pick you up at the movies, to bed. And I'm not taking anyone home.

4:12 pm. Oh, didn't I tell you, she says, we're meeting at Regal at the Auburn 17.

4:13 pm. No you're not. I'm not going all the way down and back and then down again. Move this gig to the AMC where it first started in KEnt or no go.

4:14 pm. More glares, more texting.

5 pm: Dad comes home and grumps about letting her go to a movie at all.

5:15 pm. Daughter disappears into room to text.

6 pm. Emerges. The deal is off. From the glare, I'm sure she blames me.

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