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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who is that sitting beside Jennifer?

This questions was coming from Gary, as we sat across the gym at a recent b-ball game in Auburn. As usual, we pay for her to get in, then she splits from us like we were carriers of the smallpox spores.

After sitting by an old BFF, who has recently be replaced by 2-3 other girls as co-BFs, she landed across the gym from us to watch Auburn girls win a game against a team from Bremerton, I think.

Then J turned her back on her two friends, and started chatting with the guy. Finally, Gary noticed and asked me about him. No clue.

But J filled me in when dad was out of earshot, that yes, this was Davy, and yes she liked him and he liked her, but they weren't going out yet, and certainly hadn't been on a date.

"It's just so difficult to date nowadays" she lamented. At that point dad walked up, so I didn't have a chance to figure out what that meant. In fact, wasn't that what you were just on, unofficially?

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