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Friday, January 16, 2009

She's not going back in the game, until she's ready!

There were at least one f-word at the tip of my tongue as my hubby and I had this discussion last night as Jennifer complained again of headaches, which were probably due to her concussion she sustained about a week ago.

Gary seems to be pushing to get her back in practice and back in the game, and kept asking if we were going to the b-ball game last night. no, we weren't. She did go to her massage therapy session, which after an hour of watching the therapist massage my daughter (since she's under 18, I have to be in on the session) I was ready to muscle my way onto the deck and get a massage myself. Oh well.

I think some of it's daddy guilt, and after discussing it with a friend of mine, some of it is just the "muscle through it" mentality that most men seem to have. The massage therapist agrees, and she suspects that one reason why women live longer (aside from stronger genes and higher body fat and lower stress levels). They don't just muscle through.

Anyway, Jennifer's going back on Monday, so we'll see how she does. Oh, Bad mother, I was supposed to call the doc to see about those headaches she's still having. Will do that now.

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