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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaug tug-of-war


Click, click, click. That's the way the radio ping-ponged back and forth on the way to high school today, as I wanted to watch, or listen to at least, the inauguration of our 44th pres, and Jennifer wanted to listen to her favorite songs.

"mom! You've watched this on CNN since 5 am, you can take a 15-min. break from it can't you."

Well, I guess.

But after dropping her off, I switched back to 88.5 and then went in to get my teeth cleaned, convincing the assistant to switch to MSNBC on the computer, so at least I could listen to the pre-ceremony while I drooled.

After that, I rushed over to the nearest Starbucks in Kent, where a group of us gathered to watch. Fortunately, the french teacher canceled class, and let the kids watch, where Jennifer started texting me on what everyone was wearing. I couldn't text back fast enough, so she started making fun of me.

Jennifer, watch the inaug and stop texting me on if the girls' outfits match!

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