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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Challenge from the daughter

AFter seeing me go back and check my Facebook page for the upteeth time, Jennifer challenged me to keep off Facebook, and twitter for an entire day. I should have challenged her not to text for a day and see if she can do it (:.

But for now, I prob. won't. She got whacked in the back of the head a few days a go, and sustained a concussion during a b-ball game. It was minor, so for two days, I was trying to read the tea leaves of what was wrong with her, until the school nurse called, said yes, it's a concussion and get thee to the docs. Great. Now I'm up for worst mom award, since I"d just been pushing Tylenol on her all this time.

Gads. I had a talk with her coach, saying look, I don't expect you to hold her hand, but if you see her get checked like that again CALL ME. You can't expect a 15 year old to give an accurate description of getting her bell rung. J and Gary were worried I was going to chew on her, but I think it worked out. I didn't chew. But she got the message.

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