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Thursday, January 8, 2009

No, we're going home now, before we have to swim home.

That was the basic message I left my daughter last night, as the heavens opened up on Washington and tried to drown us once again, after freezing us last month (didn't that happen last winter as well?)

Gary called from KOMO to say to get out of TAcoma now, since they were talking about closing I5 both directions at Fife. So I did, and called the daughter, to say , sorry, you're not going to be able to go to the wrestling match with your new boy friend. I'm picking you up at 5:30 pm, be outside.

She called back in a huff. She and the friend, Davie, had just done the high school thing of going public, and he started putting his arm around her at lunch, had given her his coat and she wanted to watch him during the match. (he's on the team - short but very muscular).

Soo, I thought, and told her I'd wait outside for about 20 minutes, but then I wanted her to appear, or I'd go find her. That threat apparently worked, and right at 6 pm, she appeared, wearing the treasured guy coat, smelling it (aftershave at 15?) all the way home.

She and her friends are planning on playing up this trist, since I guess there is a cheerleader who likes him, and who hates J for calling her a slut at the beginning of the year (see earlier post). I told her NOT rubbing it in would probably be the most gracious and mature thing she could do. I don't think she's listening.

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