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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Having a text-free dinner

It actually happened last night, as my daughter's cell phone ran out of juice. Suddenly, she wasn't hunger and wanted to be dropped off back home. Then the real reason comes out. Her cell phone is dead and she can't text during dinner like she usually does.

Gary take advantage of the fact he's driving, we're already on the way to the restaurant - the golden steer, so we're all in jeans - and says "no way." She's just going to have to, gasp, talk to us.

After much grumbling and pleading, she gives up, but swears she wont' share any of her dinner with us. She orders an entire prime rib dinner, and ends up eating most of it. And yes, she actually does talk to us this time.


MommyCheryl said...

Oooh. I can see it now. You distract her while Gary sabotages her cell phone just to get a few minutes of conversation.

Seriously, teen or not, anyone who would willingly forfeit prime rib for texting needs to have her head examined.

Barbara Clements said...

Uhm, well I think most 15-year-olds need their head examined. But that IMHO.

She at least at the decency to laugh at herself.