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Friday, March 20, 2009

GD BY (:

As I was trying to cheer Jennifer up this Thursday, we were watching "Mississippi Burning" Gene Hackman at his best, with a William Dafoe, and lo Jennifer disappears.

After a bit I go looking for her, and she's back on her bed, sobbing. Her boyfriend of 3 months had just broken up with her, via text. She learned later that he'd been thinking about this for several days - apparently her friends knew about it and didn't tell her - bad friends - and when she didn't come to school on Thursday due to strep throat, he just decided to get it over with.

So I let, her cry, went to the store for more tissues, and cold meds, and she was furiously texting at her friends (didn't ask what she was saying). As for D. the b-friend. Well, mixed feelings. Really liked this guy, AND his parents, only to have this happening.

However, as I told her today, it doesn't surprise me. Apparently mom screams alot, and he's probably been trained to avoid that at all costs from an early age. He just assumed you'd scream at him too, I told her today. Not that that excuses his behavior.

And I also told her from sad past experience, think twice before getting too invovled in a man who doesn't like and respect his mom. Not in a norman bates way, mind you, but a good way. It made the difference for me between the man I married, and the man I didn't 20 years ago.

They are trying to be "friends" but I'm advising against that. I referred her back to the movies "he's just not that into you." and my own personal experience of being pathetic over a guy in college named Terry. It was all there "give me some space," "let's keep the relationship secret, until God tells us to be open about it." (yeah, fell for that), and never calling much.

I advised her to dump his ass and be over with it.

Actually, today she was taking it in good stride.

"Listen, ALOT of guys want to date me, and I'll check them out (hmm, not sure how I feel about that) and the entire b-ball team thinks I'm hot. So I'm not too worried about it," she said today.

Soo, I guess we're in for a speedy recovery. Both for the strep and the heart.

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