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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home sick

Up at 6 am, deciding what to do. I feel like crap, but am ready to try and muscle into work, since have a to-do list that doesn't seem to want to stop at PLU.

But once Jennifer pops up in bed, the decision's made. She's burning up, and while she's older (at 15), with that temp, I don't to leave her home alone/ So I tell work I'll be in after lunch,once Jennifer gets up again. So about 10:30 am, she rattles out of bed. And she's still hot. And now I'm getting the chills.

Debating if she feels good enough to take a few aspirin, watch tivo'd American Idol and stay at home by herself. She gives me a pathetic look. Okay, I'm home. And beside, since I'm feeling crappy, won't do well to break my own rules and march into work sick, spreading germs. So we're both home, watching AI.

Will be making comfort food run soon.

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