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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Driving lessons, part XV

After my hubby and daughter got into a row over the last driving lesson. Jennifer declared it was my turn to take her out.

Which I did last night. I was wondering what possessed me as we inched our way, one lurch at a time, through an intersection on the Kent-Auburn border. Not fun. She kept popping the clutch and not giving the car enough gas, so inch by lurch, we worked through a left turn on S. 277th. She started to cry. I had to sit on my hands.

"Someone is going to hit us!" she screamed.

It was light enough so that no one was going to hit us (we were now about 2/3 through the intersection). I kept calmly telling her that just let it catch, give it enough gas. Pretend we were on the roads near our home, and breath.

And I resisted the temptation to get out of the car and take over. She had to, for her own confidence, get herself out of this.

About 5 lurching minutes later, the car's gears caught and off we went. In stony silence. Then we reached the intersection on Auburn W. North and Gowe. And again, we were turning in inches. I looked up to see another mom smiling at me. She winked, and just about then, the clutch caught,and off we went.

Ms. perfection parked the car on the curb in front of our house and stalked into our house. Driving lesson over for today. More tomorrow.

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