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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I think she's got it

After last time's stressful drive, we ventured out again on Sunday, and then again last night. On Sunday, I learned the way to get Jennifer to drive, without killing the car, through an intersection, was to give her a goal.

In this case, TJ Maxx. If she made it there, without intervention, I'd buy her something. If not, do deal. We made it through 2 of the most heavily travelled intersections in Kent with nary a murmur (or popped clutch). She drove back too.

Last night was freeway driving. She was going to do a drive, today, so she wanted to practice last night. She made it through the intersections without killing the car as long as the station was tuned to 106.1 (KISS FM). The music seemed to make her forget about focusing on that damn clutch so much.

Once we got to 167, she started to panic. I told her to let the traffic go around her, get to 4th gear and then 5th (she tried to put it in 3rd, poor Honda didn't like that) and away we went, at 54 mph. Okay, not quite 60, but fortunately we were behind a van that was poking along, so we just stayed at that grandma speed and got used to the freeway. We went home on the west valley highway, 2-lane narrow road.

Made it home without a hitch. Thank gawd.

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