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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom, I look like a poodle!

That's basically what my daughter was crying to me after she came out of the hair salon today, 3.5 hours before tolo-which I'm glad only come once a year.

Her usual hair dresser wasn't there, so when it came time at Hair Masters to get someone to give her long flowing locks some curls, someone else had to step in. And that person, who was very nice, insisted on giving her long Suellen (think GWTW ringlets) with the assurances that things would calm down before the dance (title beauty and the geek).

This southern belle wasn't buying it. And immediately started pulling at the curls to get them to relax. She did find some sparkles for her hair and a silver clutch, but this tolo turned out to be more expensive than I thought. $40 for the hair, $25 for the dress, $25 for the shoes, $60 for the dinner, and $40 for various odds and ends. Ouch. some she paid for (like the hair) some she did.

I just asked gary if the hair had relaxed from its southern belle look at 6 pm tonight. HE just told me no. That means at midnight, we'll see if she's happy about how things turned out or not.

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