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Monday, April 20, 2009

What did you just text?

That was what Jennifer was trying NOT to scream after her cousin (2 years older than her) snatched her cell phone after she took his.

So JJ started texting away, telling this one boy that Jennifer's had her eye on (won't admit it, and no it's not the one we made cookies for at 9pm) that she loved him.

Silence from the other end.

So Jennifer retaliated and texted the same thing to one of JJ's male friends.

Answer back: WTF dude?

JJ quickly rectified the situation, but Jennifer didn't here back from her guy for days.

He's the preening type, so I'm sure that he's thinking about whether Jennifer is telling the truth..or not.


CGabriel said...

I came here for the first time today. Inspired! That's the first word that came to mind.

As a father of two little girls (aged five and two), I hear...stories. Lots of...stories. ALL of them troubling! :-0

I believe Alien Nation will now be my preparatory course for years down the road.

All the best...I'll be back!

Barbara Clements said...

Thanks. I started this as a journal of raising a tween (when Jennifer was about 12) and carrying this through to about what, 17. When do they turn into human beings again. Thanks for the look. Barbara