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Friday, April 24, 2009

I get my evil strain from you

This is what my daughter said after we spent some time coming up with plots to terrorize our new next door neighbor, who moved in about 8 mo ago, with her ex, and decided to redo him, his house and his yard. And to do so, she put up a fence between the yard (hadn't been one in 20 years, because said neighbor was never in it. He was golfing.)

Anyway, after the spat over the fence and having it torn down and letting my dog run free w/o telling me said front gate was coming down, we haven't spoken since.

But she has done a great job on the front yard, and now tulips are blooming in perfect little groups all around nicely trimmed gardens. She's pulled out all the dandelions, which had populated our front yard (and back) with a yearly crop of dandelions for years.

I mulled over taking out the bulbs, one by one and replanting the in our yard. Jennifer immediately perked up.

We laughed. Unf. I just don't have the nerve. And I'm afraid of karma.

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